Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fancy Dish Gloves from the Happier Homemaker

For this week's Bias Tape Tuesday installment, I wanted to share a project using single fold bias tape.  I stumbled across this tutorial and couldn't wait to try it - especially with the holidays coming - what a great hostess gift!  Useful and (my favorite) whimsical!

Single fold bias tape is what is pictured below.  It is frequently used for facing armholes in apparel.  I think I've seen it used to hem a skirt, too.  This is what you make when using the bias tape tool.  For the gloves, I simply used this single fold bias tape instead of ribbon.  Because you can make your own, you can pick whatever pattern matches your gloves and ruffle (I had this leftover green from a different project). 

Simply place the bias tape, opening side down, over seam and edgestitch.  I used the leftovers to make the little bows to cover up where the bias tape overlapped.

The only problem will be deciding who gets these!  They are too cute!  And, the fabric is from Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane collection - how could a Jane of All Trades resist? 
 Happy Thanksgiving!


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Malinda Chaudhry said...

So cute! It’s so amazing how you used bias tape to turn a pair of dish gloves into a beautiful household tool. The bias tape ribbon and the floral fabric are so adorable! Plus, the bright yellow color of the glove makes everything so vibrant! I’d love to wear a glove like this while doing household chores!

>Malinda Chaudhry


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