Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the little Valentine in your life

Back in November, Mr. C and I took a trip to Woodstock, VT.  We saw these adorable ribbon headbands in more than a few shops.  I was shocked at the $15. price tag, though, and vowed to return home and make my own.
Here are the how-to's and results:

1. Materials: 7/8 " solid color ribbon
                    5/8" print ribbon
                    plain headbands - really any kind will work

2. Measure the length of the headband.  Add about 1 1/2"  to this meausurement and cut two lengths of the solid ribbon.

3. Cut one piece of the printed ribbon the same length as your solid pieces.

4.  Pin the length of printed ribbon onto one piece of the solid ribbon.  Edge stitch on each long side of the ribbon.  I used a 70/10 needle.  Note: I have done this without pinning, but it actually took longer as the ribbon gets very slippery and shifty.  Better take the minute to pin and then sew faster, with neater results.

5. With right sides together, sew one short end with an approx. 3/8" seam.  Turn and finger press.

6.  Fold each remaining short end, wrong side together, approx. 1/4" and pin.

7. Now fold the two lengths of ribbon wrong sides together, starting at the short seam.  Topstitch down each long side, close to edge.  When you get close to the end with the folded ends, repin if necessary to ensure that the folds match up.  Stitch to end, backstitching to secure folds.  (Leave the short side open.)  You should now have a casing with both long sides topstitched and one short seam sewn inside.

 8. Feed your headband through the ribbon casing.

9. Once the headband is all the way through, you should have enough overlap to sew a 3/8" seam to close the opening.  Be sure to backstitch.

 10. There you go!  One adorable, handmade headband for your little Valentine!

 11.  Enjoy how cute (and grown-up!) she looks!

12. And then, go make a bunch more because they are so fun, cute and easy!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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