Monday, May 23, 2011

A little sunshine for a rainy day...

If you are a New Englander, you are probably tired of rain and gray skies.  Maybe that's what prompted me to pull out this very bright, floral knit this past Saturday and sew up a dress for little E. 

The pattern was based on this and this, but I shortened the sleeves and added an elastic edge to give the sleeve a little poof. 

As with the other versions, I'm left thinking I could do something more with this pattern.  Although I'm all for simple, there is something lacking (despite the overstimulating print).  If I can pry it from the four year old's hands long enough to figure it out, I'll let you know.  For now, hope this brightens your day a bit! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Auction frenzy

I mentioned in my last post that there has been lots of crafting behind the scenes.  Most of my projects have been in anticipation of this week's preschool silent auction - I'm offering sewing lessons as one of the auction items!  I thought I would make a few things to put on display as simple yet cute projects somebody might want to make.
This also ends up being a review of some of the great, free patterns out there in blogland - I've included the links for all if you are feeling sew so inspired (couldn't resist). 

For Pleats Sake bag from U-Handblog

Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae

Snappy Toddler Shirt from Prudent Baby

Fruit Tart apron from Lark Crafts

Back of Fruit Tart apron from Lark Crafts
 One side note, the apron pattern from Lark Crafts seems to an excerpt from an upcoming book?  I found two errors in the pattern - both easily remedied.  I tried emailing the publisher but it got bounced back.  If you do decide to try this project, leave a comment and I'll send you the two errata.

More to share later (including two cute and easy tutorials for the little ones in your life), once the flurry of auction activity passes. 

Wishing you sunny days, even if its rainy outside!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A mystery...

It has officially been one month since I last posted. Where have I been? See if these clues give you an idea...

Clue #1: fabric was involved

Clue #2: cupcakes were eaten

Clue #3: I was a cheesy tourist

Are you thinking "NYC, baby!"?  If so, you are correct!  If not, did you happen to notice that green mug above?  Look again.  (insert loving smile)

Mr. C. surprised me with an overnight to New York a few weeks back.  The trip was a mystery, but the further west we headed, and as signs for New York State started to pop up, I guessed the city.  I was thinking, "I wonder if I could find the time to check out a few fabric shops" when he handed me a six page print-out about fabric shopping in NYC!  Not only were we going to be in the city, but he budgeted half our trip to checking out the best of the best fabric stores!  I'm still not sure what is more amazing - him or the selection of fabrics at some of these places!  (Actually, I'm sure.  It's the fabric him.)

Before our day of fabric shopping, we did get to see a little play called "Wicked".  On Broadway since 2003, it still sells out every show!  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, back to fabric...
Our first stop was Mood fabric.  I mean, really, if you watch "Project Runway" even a little bit, how could you not head there first?  We were actually a few minutes early and had to circle the block before they would let us up in the elevator!  Too eager?

Doing the obligatory "Project Runway" pulling-out-the-roll-of-heavy-fabric move

Now, here's a little something funny about Mood.  We had heard that the staff had gotten a little ego-inflated since "Project Runway" so I was a bit nervous going in as a dorky tourist.  However, that rumor is totally untrue.  The staff were so sweet and friendly.  Hassan was my favorite!
With Hassan, who carried all the rolls to the counter and cut them.  Not sure why he's not on "Project Runway".

Another amazing stop was B&J Fabrics.  The selection of Liberty of London was incredible!  I honestly couldn't stop touching it - it is buttery and beautiful.  They also had this huge selection of quilting cottons.  I really let my inner fabric geek out at this store!

How to pick!?

Of course, after all that walking, what better way to re-energize than a couple of Magnolia Bakery cupcakes?


We didn't make it down to Soho which was another biggie on my list.  I'll save that for the next trip in!

In other news, things behind the scenes have been very busy here.  While I have been sewing and working on different projects, I haven't had time to get the photos in order and post to the blog.  I'll be back on a regular schedule soon (and hopefully get my etsy shop back up and running with renewed inventory). 

Thanks for hanging in there!


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