Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another bag

So, this is the "Charming Handbag" from BTRS I made for the Valley Fabrics Amusement Pack challenge. I had to tweak the pattern/directions a bit to use all six fabrics. This is the front: the embellishment is actually one of the fabrics.
Here's one pocket on the inside.
Here's the other pocket.
All in all, it came out a bit busy with all the different fabrics but it was fun to do. I really do like the "Vintage" fabric from Robert Kaufman used on the outside. There is still another month and a half for people to get their entries in for the challenge (I dropped mine off yesterday - they were all very kind in oohing and ahhing). I don't expect to win anything - it was just fun to participate (of course, I wouldn't MIND winning!).

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Pleated Beauty (from BTRS)

This is the bag back - the fabric in the pleats and used for the applique are Robert Kaufman "Vintage".
This is the bag front - I added a fabric-covered button and elastic for a closure.
This is the inside - I added the bottom (different than the pattern calls for). The fabric was part of an "Amusement Pack" from Valley Fabrics in Northampton (ahhh...heaven). I bought the pack of six pre-coordinated fabrics for a sewing challenge sponsored by the store (photos to follow). This project was the perfect way to use up the left-overs!
The only thing I would do differently next time (as in, the cut fabric already waiting for its turn at the machine) is to add a lining to the handles as well (I used fusible fleece for the bag which gives it a puffy but sturdy feel).
P.S. Adding photos was not nearly as hard as I thought! Thank you, Blogger!

My First Blog Entry

I feel pressured to say something profound as this is my first blog entry. Sadly, I'm drawing a blank!
I have been inspired to start this blog by a few things/people: my friend Cindy who keeps us posted on life in MN, the many sewing and crafty blogs I have found lately, the hope and desire of figuring out a way to post information for such groups as knitting and baby playgroup, and a way to share projects whether knitting or sewing (or whatever "craft-of-the-moment"). Just now, I was checking out information for an apron swap and it suggested having a blog URL was a good idea so I took the plunge. Here I am.
Anyway, I'm going to experiment with posting a photo of my latest project from "Bend the Rules Sewing" (Amy Karol is truly a genius!). It was my first applique and I must say I was quite pleased (I was channeling my friend Emily's creativity - she makes excellent baby, toddler and kids' shirts with adorable appliques!).
Wish me luck in getting a photo onto this!


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