Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School on my mind

I used to teach first grade.  Every fall had a rhythm and spirit as the anticipation for school filled the air.  Since little E was born, I have been home, but I haven't been immune to that familiar feeling fall brings.  This year, she will start school for the first time (in the words of Heather Bailey, "yay-boo"). 

With thoughts of backpacks, fall clothes, nervous excitement and all things school, I was hooked when I saw this book sling project in Family Fun magazine.  The rainy weather was perfect for staying in, nesting, and creating a space in little E's room for her beloved books.

The best reward for my time and effort on this project?  Walking into little E's room and seeing her sitting on her bed, pulling out books from her book sling and reading. 

Note: I modified the project to sew rather than use adhesive, and chose a coordinating fabric for the interior.


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