Sunday, September 18, 2011

A monkey applique shirt, some news and a chalkboard mat tutorial...

First off, look who's two!

I can't believe how grown up she looks in this photo! The shirt is mommy-made, based on the monkey fabric in her party favors - Urban Zoologie Monkeys by Ann Kelle. 

Second, some quick news: I have a line of reusable snack sacks currently for sale at a local farm stand.  The pairing of the snack sacks and a business promoting local produce feels like such a good fit.  If you are a leaf-peeper in Western Mass, be sure to swing by M&M Green Valley Produce to check them out!

Last, but not least, I gave you a sneak peek at some chalkboard fabric a while back.  Now, that fabric has magically transformed into chalkboard mats!  These roll up for easy travel, and are perfect for entertaining little ones at restuarants, in the car, etc.

Interested in making one?  Here's how:  

 Materials: one 13.5 " x 11"  piece of cotton quiliting fabric
                 one 4" x 4" piece of cotton quilting fabric
                 one 13.5" x 11" piece of chalkboard fabric
                 one package extra wide, double fold bias tape, 1/2" width
                 12" piece rickrack (or ribbon) for tie

 1.  Round corners of both fabric pieces.

2. Pink top and left edge of 4 inch square.  Align with bottom right corner of chalkboard fabric and baste.  Trim along rounded corner.

3.  Use a spray adhesive to baste the wrong sides of fabric together.  My spray adhesive of choice?  Sulky KK 2000 - non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for the environment!

4. Beginning in the middle of the bottom, sandwich chalkboard fabric and cotton fabric between bias tape.  Note: the photos show me sewing with the chalkboard side up, but it's better to sew with the cotton side up.  This way, you can make sure you encase all the cotton fabric.

 5. Once you have sewn the bias tape around the entire chalkboard mat, overlap the ends by about an inch and a half.  Cut the tape.


 6. Open the tape and fold the end, wrong sides togther, about a half inch.

7.  Fold the sides of the tape back, enclosing the raw edges.  Now, re-sandwich the mat in the fold of the tape, sew and backstitch. 

8.  Fold your piece of rickrack or ribbon in half and sew to the right edge, half way up, on the cotton side.  Note: I used Fray Check on the ends of my rickrack.

9.  Write a message to your little one, tuck the chalk in the pocket, roll and tie your mat, and off you go!

Here are the ones I made for the party - perfect for a two year old girl and her friends!

And, for the two babies who came, their very own monkey bibs (because they'd probably just eat the chalk!). 

Wishing you lots of reasons to monkey around today!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fabric Party Hats Tutorial revised...

Somebody is turning TWO tomorrow! 

In honor of her special day, I wanted to make her a fabric party hat to match her birthday bunting.

This was a great time to try an idea for revising the pattern a bit - using buckram to add stability and including a cute lining fabric.

Here's what to do:
  • follow the basic fabric party hat tutorial but substitute one lining fabric for a layer of duck cloth and one buckram for the other layer of duck cloth 
  • layer the fabrics as shown below 
  • That's it - the rest follows the original tutorial! Now you have a cute fabric party hat that has a coordinating lining fabric.
    Then, go make another one because the resident 4 3/4 year old would like one, too.
    blurry photo of said 4 3/4 year old - still cute though, right?
    Wishing you lots of reasons to and everyday!


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