Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fabric Party Hats Tutorial revised...

Somebody is turning TWO tomorrow! 

In honor of her special day, I wanted to make her a fabric party hat to match her birthday bunting.

This was a great time to try an idea for revising the pattern a bit - using buckram to add stability and including a cute lining fabric.

Here's what to do:
  • follow the basic fabric party hat tutorial but substitute one lining fabric for a layer of duck cloth and one buckram for the other layer of duck cloth 
  • layer the fabrics as shown below 
  • That's it - the rest follows the original tutorial! Now you have a cute fabric party hat that has a coordinating lining fabric.
    Then, go make another one because the resident 4 3/4 year old would like one, too.
    blurry photo of said 4 3/4 year old - still cute though, right?
    Wishing you lots of reasons to and everyday!

1 comment:

Louisa said...

How cute! I'm hoping to make some birthday hats soon. I look forward to trying your tutorial.


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