Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teeny tiny snack sacks tutorial

I will warn you: these are a little addictive to make (maybe because I keep using food-related fabric?).
If you are up for the temptation, you will need:

one 10.5" x 3.5" piece of ripstop nylon (or liner of your choice)
one 10.5" x 3.5" piece of cotton fabric
one 2" piece of velcro (poky and soft sides)

Sew the soft velcro in the center of one end of the nylon, positioned 3/4" down from edge.

Fuse wrong side of fabric to wrong side of nylon.
**If using a directional print, turn it upside down and keep velcro at top.**

Here it is fused with velcro on the inside.

Round top corners.

Finish opposite short end (serge or zigzag or bias tape, as in this tutorial).  Sew poky velcro 1" down from finished edge and centered on the fabric.

Fold bottom edge up 3.5".  Finger press fold.  If you have a craft label, sew on now.

Starting at the bottom corner, serge (or otherwise finish) around the snack sack, ending at the other bottom corner.  Fray check ends of stitching.
 Pack some cookies and enjoy your new teeny tiny snack sack!


Ruby said...

So cute! I can see how those would be addictive...oh wait, you mean the snack sack, I was thinking of the cookies ;) Great tute!

Kelly Todd said...

These are great been looking for a new project

Lara said...

Roselee, these are great! Love your website. I've made sandwich holders before, but I definitely see snack sacks in the boys future!


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