Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fleece Cuffs Tutorial

I found a cute mitten and hat set for little A a while back.  But...the mitten cuff doesn't cover much of her wrist, which is especially problematic in the snow and these cold New England days.

I realized it would be pretty easy to sew a longer cuff and attach it, but hadn't gotten around to it.  Then, today, we saw something similar to what I had in mind, and I wouldn't have to sew it to the mitten (score!).  For the $12.99 price, and the very simple design, I knew I would be making up a few pairs when we got home.  

The thumb hole holds the cuff in place, and the cuff is long enough to go over her sleeve.  Problem solved!  

Think you want to make some too?  This is a VERY simple sewing project - even the most beginner can do it!

You'll need two pieces of fleece.  For the kids' size, I did 6" x 6", but you could alter to make longer.  Just make sure you cut the width measurement along the stretchy grain of the fleece.

Next, finish the ends (the stretchy sides).  Really, you don't have to with fleece, but I always prefer the look.
If you don't have a serger, read on - I'll show you how with a regular machine, too!

Fold cuffs right sides together and sew the long edge (length).

Make a scant 1/2" snip on the fold 1/2" down from top edge.  

Turn right side out.  That's it!  You can wear these under gloves or mittens, or simply as fingerless mittens.  On the website of the brand we saw at the store, they make the point that kids can tuck in sleeves with these cuffs, put their coats on and STILL zip up independently!  Genius!

If you are serger-less, here's what you can do:

Zig zag top and bottom edges.  Set your machine to zig zag and turn the handwheel until the needle is on the far right of the stitch. Place your fabric under the presser foot up against the needle.  Now, when you sew, the zig zag will encase the raw edge of the fabric.  

Right sides together, simply sew the long edge with a 1/4" seam.  No need to finish.  Snip the hole and turn.

These are my size, so the measurements are 7" wide and 8" long.  I cut the hole about an inch down from the top and about an inch wide.

The very best part about these fleece cuffs?  Little ones still have access to their thumbs!  

Stay warm!

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