Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jane of All Trades is expanding!

Somebody is turning 6 soon!

My very-crafty-in-every-way aunt gave her a sewing machine.   

Not one to be left behind, the little one set herself up at MY machine the next day.

Pretty good form for a 3 year old!

So, I predict I will be completing less projects of my own and becoming more of a consultant (and fabric cutter, b/c those scissors are still way too sharp for those cute fingers!).


Doreen said...

Hurray! I think that is great. (That your daughters are sewing, not that you'll be posting less.) Imagine the things they'll do as they are growing up! You must be very proud.

Doreen said...

Should have put this in my previous comment: It would be great to see some of the things they are creating and ways that you are showing them skills.


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