Friday, April 27, 2012

Biker chicks and their handmade bike baskets...

The past few years have brought an onslaught of biking in our family.  First, little E found her tricycle legs and needed a bike basket that would hold all her biking treasures.  Enter Noodlehead's bike bucket tutorial.
It yields the perfect size and shape for tossing in keepsakes of all kinds - chalk, bits of nature, even cast-off tights one hot spring day! 
Michael Miller "Lil' Kingdom Princess" fabric

The only problem was that the tutorial has you make one broad attachment for the handlebars.  At the time, there was a split in the tricycle handlebar.  So, I cut the width measurement in half, and followed the directions from there (except, if you are sharp-eyed, you'll notice I put one on upside down - still works).  
This year, little A, now 2 1/2 has found her passion for biking.  So, it was another bike bucket for her.
Anna Griffin "Bailey Jungle Animals" fabric

This time, I didn't line the handlebar attachments as the tutorial suggests.  They are still sturdy, but easier to work with. 
With the girls outfitted with fancy bike buckets and getting better on their bikes, it was time to make something for myself.  I wanted a smaller bag that would zip - just big enough for my phone, house key and ice cream money (what's the point of biking if there isn't ice cream at the end?). 
Anna Maria Horner "Good Folks: Fortune" fabric
I found this make up bag tutorial through Sew Can She and really liked the resulting size and shape of the bag. And, with a few added velcro straps (made generally following directions from the Noodlehead bike bucket tutorial), it's the perfect handlebar bag.
Now, all three girls are ready to ride off into the sunset.  I wonder if hubby needs a pretty handlebar bag, too?
Wishing you an outdoor adventure this weekend! 


mamalawler said...

this is awesome,i would love to see the three of you on the bike path with your bikes all decked out!

helena said...
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Muzam Mail said...

This article help me. Thank your for sharing.


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