Friday, May 4, 2012

Up, up and away!

We had friends over the other day and one of the boys was dismayed to not have any dress-up clothes (apart from all the dresses!).  Remembering Jill's post about a set she made for a friend, we sprung into action to remedy our dress-up stash void.

Apart from some slippery fabric that wanted to pucker, I think our superhero friend will love it - I can already imagine him flying around his yard, deflecting his older brother's lasers.

Now, can I get away with making and wearing one of my own?  Some days, I just need it! 

Wishing you a superhero kind of day!


homemade by jill said...

so cute! I love all the shiny fabric - I bet that was a challenge to work with. It looks great!

mamalawler said...

would you wear it grocery shopping? that would be hilarious!!

Roselee said...

On those days when the kids are going in opposite directions, climbing the walls and generally doing what they do... ABSOLUTELY! Look for me in the aisles of Target!


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