Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Party Prep

Last Thursday, little E turned FOUR!  In some ways, she has seemed like a four-year-old for a while, and in other ways, she seems suddenly so grown up!  Either way, we had fun planning and scheming for her birthday party. Here are the highlights of the party prep.  Photos of all this in action to follow soon. 

1. It all started with this book.  I love that she isn't a Disney Fairy Princess - just a spunky, creative, opinionated girl (sound like anyone we know???).

2. The "farty pavor" collection: a wand, tattoos, stickers, pixie dust, a fancy ring, and a frog.


3. All wrapped up.


4. Decorate your own crown.  Sure, I could have put out paper crowns, but where's the sewing stress in that?  (I only had to sew ten!) 


5. A close-up of the crown - made out of simple muslin.


6. Create your own magic wand.  Thanks to my dad for cutting, sanding and drilling holes in the dowels.  And, try as I might to undo my pack rat ways, I had to smile to think those jingle bells are at least 5 years old.


7. Felt broccoli and strawberries for the food toss game.  In the book, Alice is convinced broccoli is poisoned and strawberry jello would make a good bath.  I thought it would be funny to throw these into a cardboard cut-out of her mouth.


8. Finally, the dress to sport at the party.  I actually had this fabric in my stash and was so happy to find a good use for it.  Little E wanted short sleeves, but I didn't want to rush the alteration.  And...even with glittery fairies all over it, I think it still need a little something.  Maybe a red ribbon sash, or trim at the bottom? 

As you can see in the blurry dancing shot, she didn't seem to be missing anything! Love the pink tights with silver hearts to complete the ensemble!

Hope you have lots of reasons to celebrate and be happy today!


Sharri said...

Love reading your ideas! So fun! And what a fantastic photographer you are becoming!

Megan said...

Very creative and I am sure, very fun for you to do! I hope the party was a blast for everyone. Happy Birthday Elena!


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