Friday, March 9, 2012

The simple sewing project that jump started my plumbing career

We live in a raised ranch.  There are pros to this set up when trying to keep track of two little people.  However, we end up with this funky space in the basement that serves as a laundry room, furnace room and half bath (if you call a sink and a toilet stuck in a corner of an unfinished basement space a "half bath").  The ceiling is low, the beams and duct work are all exposed, and the lighting is poor (hence some less than stellar photos in this post).
 Recently, I stumbled upon several tutorials for taking mini-blinds and turning them into Roman shades.  I was excited to try it as our bedroom needs some better window treatments, but wasn't eager to hack apart our blinds and then have the project not work out.
Enter the laundry room powder-blue mini-blind.  The perfect subject for testing out the tutorial.  If I messed it up, I wouldn't really miss this thing, right?
 Look at it now!  With less than a yard of home dec fabric and some fabric glue, I have a lovely new Roman shade!  I keep going into the laundry room just to look at it (otherwise, the room is a total eyesore).
This simple transformation inspired me to move the washer and dryer to open up the space more.  Of course, nothing is as simple as that - I had to head to the hardware store to buy longer replacement tubes, and then learn to install them.  With my second load in now and no obvious floods (knock on wood!), I think I'm ready to start plumbing school!  That is, after I make more of these shades for every mini-blinded window (and finish all the laundry that was neglected during this project). 

Wishing you some surprising success today!

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Cindy said...

I was just saying out loud the other morning how much I detest our blinds in the kitchen. I think I may have to transform them into some roman shades. Thanks for the inspiration. Luckily I won't have to learn any plumbing for the job like you did...again, very impressed by your skill.


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