Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little intense...

The doll clothes sewing continues.  I found two books with lots of 18" (read: American Girl) doll clothes patterns.  Little Chloe here almost fits those, with a little tweaking. 

This wrap dress jumped out at me and I thought it looked fairly simple.  Ha!  I'll say the good news is that I learned A LOT about clothing construction making this dress (and the pattern is well-written, don't get me wrong).  However, in the time it took me to make it, hubby thought I made a matching one for the doll's owner too!

Wrap dress from here

The bodice is lined and handstitched from the inside - not a strongsuit of mine. But, I'm happy with the end result. It's cute and hopefully easy for three-year-old fingers to put on.

back detail
  A much simpler option is the Popover Doll Dress from Oliver+S.  I've had this fabric in my stash for at least a year and finally dared cut into it.  I'm glad I did!

Popover Doll Dress from Oliver+S found here

The matching pants are from a self-drafted pattern using the doll's pajama pants (remember she was here for a sleepover?).  I will say I made a bunch of these for our smaller baby dolls and didn't cut the straps on the bias.  It made a big difference.  Look how happy Chloe is! 

strap detail
Fabric is cut for three more items that I just could resist!  Really, the doll clothes are slightly out-of-control.  I don't know if I would spend this much time/detail on my own kids' clothes!  But, it's somehow very fun (and makes me giggle) to sew up these patterns and fit them on the doll.  Look for the rest soon!

Hope you are finding something to make you giggle today!

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