Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Candy Corn Bunting tutorial

For this week's installment of Bias Tape Tuesdays, we are making something so easy and festive, and it's a great use of bias tape - the holiday bunting! 

If you are looking for a quick project to add a little Halloween spirit to your home, look no further!  With a few cans of spray paint, some burlap fabric and your homemade double-fold bias tape, you can whip this up in no time (don't forget the candy corn for inspiration and crafty energy!).

1. Decide how big you want your triangles - mine are 6 1/2" sides x 5 1/2" base (the part that gets sandwiched in the bias tape).  Cut as many as you want for your bunting.  Then, using painters tape, tape off the top and bottom.

2. Find a safe spot to paint the fabric.  I taped mine down on craft paper outside. 

3.  Spray away!

4.  When dry, peel the tape.  Almost looks good enough to eat!

5.  Once the orange paint is dry, tape over it and spray the top point white and the bottom portion yellow.  (I was using burlap already in my stash.  In retrospect, this would have worked better with white duckcloth - then I wouldn't have to spray the top white!)

6.  Once dry, peel the tape and reveal your burlap candy corns.  Make coordinating double-fold bias tape following this tutorial.  Mine is 1/2".   I love how the fabric I found has the yellow and orange stripes to match the candy corn pattern (and I managed to find it while the 3 year old was running around hiding in Joann's).

7.  Sandwich your burlap candy corn in between the folds of the bias tape.  Pin in place.

I spaced mine about 1" apart and left an ample amount of bias tape on either end for hanging.

8. Starting at one end, start sewing, making sure to enclose all points of candy corn in the bias tape.  Continue sewing to other end.

That's it!  A beautiful, easy decoration for Halloween!
Hang it up, admire your craftiness and eat some real candy corn while you do! 


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