Monday, April 4, 2011

You win some, you lose some... project attempts and contests (I didn't win the Pure Joy Events party tutorial contest).  Oh well.  I was truly honored to just be asked to join in the contest.

As for my projects, I had stumbled across Prudent Baby's Snappy Shirt tutorial in my saved sewing projects.  For whatever reason, a project that once was put on the backburner now HAD to be done...NOW!  With a rather long and lean 18 month old, I figured the 12-18 month pattern would be fine. 

(You know what's coming, right?) I tried it on little A and it was sooo tight across her chest!  Luckily, we have a baby friend who will inherit the shirt and hopefully be able to sport it in Florida next year.  And, once I do the math, I can probably enlarge the pattern to fit little A.  (Actually, our baby friend's mom is a math teacher - is that a fair swap?  shirt for math?  hmmm....)

As for the second project, I stumbled across a free pattern from Laura at We Wilsons. Again, something about this little guy screamed, "Make me now!"

My little ferret's face is a bit wonky, and sewing it shut reminded me of how much I don't care to hand sew, but the end product is pretty cute - especially when adorned with a red glitter bracelet from the resident four year old. 

Most of my sewing time this weekend was dedicated to making 18 (eek!) Harry Potter hats for my soon-to-be 9 (eek!) year old nephew's upcoming birthday party.  Photos to follow.  It was the first time I sewed with a seamstress's help (my sister-in-law) - I could definitely get used to that! 

Wishing you success in all your endeavors - crafting or otherwise!

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Sharri said...

Seamstress's Help? You're being too kind. I sort of badly cut out patterns and handed them to you. E and O and I were about the same help to you.

But we LOVE the hats! I'll take and send pics! xo


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