Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crafting for the holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and I love this time of year for so many reasons - especially having an extra incentive to create for friends and family.  I feel a bit like an elf these days, working on varied projects for the girls, for a few small craft fairs, and gifts.  This year, BabyE has had an influx of requests and orders, and it has been fun coming up with new projects and ideas to fulfill different wish lists.
First up on this mini-roundup, part 1, is the Snow Blossom Hat from Made by Rae.  Here's little A modeling hers, complete with dimples and two front teeth.  Although the straps were tricky to turn, they are VERY worth it as this is the only hat that will stay on her head!  Thank you, Rae!
Next up, a few crochet flower headbands for this past weekend's crafty open house.  (By the way, with all the creating I've done lately, I have few photos apart from my blurry phone ones to show the new and improved craft table set-up.  While not a project to sell or give away, it definitely counts on my list of recent creations.)  I saw similar headbands up in VT a few weekends ago and got that familiar "I can make those!" feeling - so I did!  I love the simple cotton yarn and color combinations.  And, they really are cute for young and old alike.

Lastly, a new apron design for BabyE.  Usually I do simple aprons, but a friend requested a "waitress" style for her little girl who loves to play restaurant.  It was really fun checking out different styles and ideas on-line.  I found this one and figured out how to recreate it for a smaller size.  The lace edge is vintage and has been sitting in my trim drawer just waiting for the right project.

So...just a few of the many projects pouring out of my little sewing and crafting space these past weeks. 
I just picked up the new Amy Butler book and am looking forward to picking out a holiday project for my sister-in-law (Sharri, read no further!).  I also found this one which I really like, so I guess Amy and Lisa will have to duke it out for my vote.
Happy Tuesday!


Ruby said...

I love the apron! So cute. Great idea for the straps on the hat too.

Sharri said...

I stopped reading! But I'm so excited that I'm being made for!

Also, baby A....CUTIE!


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