Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer scarves from "Made"

After a looong hiatus, I'm starting to post again.

What a better way to get back into this than to share my versions of Dana's summer scarf?

As usual, I endeavored to make something unique for "the moms" in our family (my mom, and my husband's grandmother, mother and sister). I found Dana's scarf tutorial in her "Celebrating Mom" series.

Apart from my serger acting up (why won't it roll an edge!?), I loved this project as it was different, quick and fun to choose fabrics and prints with each woman in mind.

A special thanks to Dana for sharing this and many lovely ideas!


dana said...

oh this is just darling! thank you for adding to the flickr group. I'll add it to my round-up next weeK :)
-- dana

Ruby said...

These look great, nice job!

Sharri said...

I love my scarf, Roselee! Glad you are posting again!


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