Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine Wreath

My favorite crafty project is the one that is quick, useful, and uses up materials already in my stash.  Enter this wreath.  I stumbled upon it somewhere in the blogosphere and thought it would be a cute addition to our other Valentine decorations.  

I modified it a bit to make it smaller, and use materials on hand (see here for how to make the yarn wreath base).  Originally, I used the same charcoal gray yarn to make the argyle stripes, but it looked too chunky (see the wreath on the left in the top photo?).  I like the lighter pink stripes much better - looks more authentic argyle.

The hearts were cut from 2" squares, and the wreath is 9" in diameter.  They fit perfectly on either side of our dining room windows to perk up the space a bit with some Valentine spunk.

Wishing you some satisfying (and free) crafting! 

1 comment:

Jenna Lyn Smith said...

That is so cute! I might have to make one with my girls.


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