Friday, December 21, 2012

Zip pouch from Zaaberry

Little E is in her first ballet performance this weekend.  She has a list of things to bring, including make-up (!) and extra hair supplies.  What better excuse to try out Zaaberry's Zip Pouch tutorial!?

I found these laminated cotton remnants at Stitch Lounge for $1.50 each - more than enough to make a pouch.  And, the zippers were on clearance too!

I had the lining fabric in my stash - a pretty good match - and a great way to use up an old scrap.
The best part is that this zip pouch is large enough to hold all Little E's supplies without being overly big. was a quick and easy project - I was able to get it done while the girls were having "quiet time" (I put that in quotes because it was neither quiet, or much time).

Thanks, Ruby, for a great tutorial!

1 comment:

Ruby said...

Love that laminate! Will definitely need to make a trip to Stitch Lounge.


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