Sunday, August 19, 2012

Accidental Sushi Salad

Sometimes the best things come from mistakes, right?  I definitely think so in the case of this salad.  An error in rice to water ratio yielded WAY more rice than intended one night.  I then had the brilliant idea that I would make avocado rolls with the remaining rice (notice there are no photos of those - I just can't get them to look pretty!).  But, not daunted yet, I decided the taste of the rolls was good, just not the presentation, so why not just throw the ingredients in a bowl and call it salad?  Hence, the Accidental Sushi Salad.*

For mine, I used left over rice, cubed avocado, cubed cucumber, sesame seeds, and one sheet nori (found in Asian section of grocery store).  For the dressing, I mixed 1/4 cup soy and one minced garlic clove. 

Using water, stick the nori down to your bowl.  Scoop in your rice.

Place your vegetables on top (you can add whatever you like, including proteins here).

Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
 Drizzle with dressing and enjoy a surprisingly delicious kitchen blunder!

*After making my accidental sushi salad,  I got curious and researched a bit about sushi.  The common factor of all forms of sushi is vinegared rice (oops! mine is not) and there is actually a form called "chirashizushi", which means "scattered sushi".  I wonder if some Japanese chef years ago couldn't master rolling maki, either! 

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