Monday, January 16, 2012

Yarn wreath tutorial

As mentioned in my last post, I found this great project in .  It's from Stash Happy: Felt by Jennifer Fitzsimmons
In the book, she calls for a straw wreath for the base of the wreath. 
As I didn't have one on hand, and didn't feel like buying one, I figured out the following.  I hope you can use it to make one of her beautiful felt blooms wreaths.

To make your own:

Materials: one 10" cardboard cake circle (or a 10" circle cut from a repurposed box)
                scrap battting
                glue gun
                chunky yarn

1. Decide how large an opening you want and trace.  Mine is a 4" diameter (leaving 3" around for the yarn wreath).  Trace the center circle.

2. Cut out the center circle.  I use an exacto knife (be careful!).

3. Roughly cut the batting to the size of the circle.  For mine, I cut two layers.

4. Glop on some glue and stick that batting on.  You just need enough glue to anchor the batting on.

5. Cut the center circle out of the batting.  Repeat with a second layer of batting if desired.

6. On the back, glue one length of your yarn.

7. Start wrapping the yarn.  You want the yarn to be snug enough to hold its place, but you don't need to over-pull.  The batting will squash down quite a bit as you wrap. 

8.  If the skein is too big, you might need to cut a long length of yarn to be able to fit through the hole. No worries. You can tuck and glue (as in photo above) ends and then start another.
When you are done wrapping, cut a length, tuck under the back yarn and glue in place.

9.  You now have one yarn wreath ready to create something beautiful!  Be sure to check out Stash Happy: Felt for Jennifer's gorgeous (and simple) felt blooms.

My favorite part of this project is that, by making the wreath base this way, I had all the materials on hand.  In my mind, that makes this a FREE project!  (Never mind I had bought them at some point in time, right?)

Wishing you some thrifty crafting thrills!

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