Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lonely ol' bits

There is something about taking lonely, broken bits of crayon, and turning them into something new and vibrant.
Back in December, I made a bunch to sell at a local crafty open house.  They were a huge hit.  See the project here.

Recently, with St. Patrick's Day on the brain, I was inspired to dig out the lonely ol' bits and try rainbow crayons along the lines of these and these (both courtesy of One Pretty Thing). 

Here's how it went:

To my dismay, I couldn't find any cute St. Patrick's Day shaped molds for the crayons.  Plan B?  Festive-colored mini-cupcake papers.

Unlike last time, I chose to melt the crayons in the oven (250 degrees).  Each color is in a small aluminum baking cup.  This was SO much easier than melting each color individually in a double-boiler.  No at-home facial but much easier.

Halfway through the colors, I ran out of space in the cups!  So, now the plan is there will be one crayon for warm colors, one for cool colors.

Warm colors done.  I pretty much want to eat them even though I know they are crayon - they look too much like mini Reece's peanut butter cups!

Somehow, with EVERY color, I ran about 2 cups short.  Thank goodness for a big stash of lonely ol' bits.

Cool colors done.  There is something so calming about these colors together.

Quality control

New life for old bits!

Having done this project three different times and three different ways, I would definitely recommend melting the crayons in the oven (use old pans!), and I prefer the look and feel of the smoother crayons I made in the past.  Of course, the little one serving as quality control didn't seem to mind.  Can you see how serious she is about her "arting"?  Love that girl!

May you remember all the ways you are lucky this St. Patrick's Day!


Sharri said...

What fun! I love it. And the camera is taking great pictures.

Megan said...

Those came out great! I am definitely going to try it someday. :)


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