Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pleated Clutch from Charm Stitch

Every year, my high school friends and I do a holiday gift exchange.  Over the years, it has turned into more of a gift-card exchange.  Being a sewist, I always like to make a little something to make the gift more personal.

I found this tutorial from Charm Stitch and thought it would be perfect for my always-fashionable friend.  I didn't create my own design on the fabric as they suggest, but I did fuse batting to the lining fabric, and add the handle and flower pin...

...and a black metal zipper.

I love the pops of yellow against the simple black and white.  (I was tempted to use hot pink, but figured this was a bit more classic/conservative.  I think she would have gone for pink, though, raised in the '80's on Cyndi Lauper and Madonna!)

Just the right size for a coffee gift card.

This is the first flower I made for it, but didn't think there was enough contrast.  Also, I'm much happier with the finished edge on the final flower vs. the frayed edge on this one.

It was fun to sew something new, and the pattern was well-written.  Thank you to Charm Stitch for sharing!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I have been wanting to do piping, but chicken out every time.

My piping-less pouches are here:

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