Monday, February 6, 2012

Ruffle Headband Tutorial - super easy!

If you are looking for a VERY quick and easy project for you or your little one, look no further!  With just two supplies and your sewing machine, you'll have a cute, ruffled headband in about five minutes!

Materials: one elastic headband (you could use a 1/2" width elastic you buy at the fabric store - just add an inch, overlap ends and zigzag to sew together)
                one cut of ribbon about 2 1/2 times the length of the headband
*A note on ribbon choice: 
some ribbons will ruffle better than others
I had some grosgrain with a printed/painted pattern on top, and some woven.

The woven, non-printed one definitely worked best.  A smaller print on the grosgrain seems to be better, too.

Fold one end about 1/2".

Place fold up against headband.

Position this "sandwich" under your needle.  Lock stitch in place.  You want the elastic facing up so you can get a nice, straight stitch and keep the elastic in the middle of the ribbon.

Pull ribbon straight, and then stretch elastic fairly far (the more you stretch, the more ruffle you'll get).  Pinch together in one hand.  Sew with a regular stitch.  Restretch and position elastic and ribbon as you go.  Use your other hand to gently pull ribbon and elastic from the back (behind the presser foot).  

As you get close to the beginning, stop and overlap the end.  Cut to about 1", fold over 1/2" and abut ends (see photo below).  Be sure to tuck raw edge under so it is sandwiched between the elastic and the ribbon.

Sew through end and lock stitch.

You'll get this snakey mess...

...all ruffly...

that can be worn this way...

...or this way!

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Emily said...

So cute and so simple! And my daughter definitely tends toward look #2! :)


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